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Fandom Scruples

The Blacklist and the Goldlist.

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This journal was created to reward responsible members of the fandom who do not post incest, rape, beastialiy, or NC17 fics where young children can access them. If you were friended, we're highlighting that you've had the courage not to succumb to the 'popular' trends that have led to this fandom being infected with indecent and irresponsible fanfic. I woud personally like to thank arabe1la for having the courage to finally speak out against this.

I am one of many who do not believe these writers should be rewarded, and therefore a Black list will be started based on evidence that authors have irresponsibly posted NC17 fanfic in a place where children can access it. Hopefully, it will encourage them to remove it or move it to an archive that is password protected. When they lock down their fics, they will be removed from the list.

The management.